V1 for Coaches

There are many advantages to using analysis software in sport. Being able to show a pupil exactly what they are doing is a great way of affecting change. However this has always been a timely process involving cameras, leads and computers up until now...

Squashskills are delighted to announce their partnership with American analysis software pioneers V1. Having worked in the industry for 16 years and recently launching their new Ipad software, V1 was the logicalpartner for Squashskills to team up with. Having seen how quick, easy and simple it was to capture, annotate, record and deliver lessons using the Ipad there really was no other option for us.

As coaches we have all had many frustrating hours spent on court going over the same ground that was covered the week before due to the pupil forgetting what it was that they were working on in the lesson. This will soon become a thing of the past.

Simply record footage at the end of your lesson covering the lesson theme and then perform a quick recap using the annotation and voice over tools. Send this to your pupil via text or email who can then access it next time they go on court to remind themselves of the correct technique that they need to be practicing. This will allow them to practice correctly each time, they go on the squash court effectively having you, the coach with them at all times.

How the software works:

The Ipad’s built in camera allows you to capture footage of your pupil playing quickly and easily. The software then compresses the footage in seconds into a format that can then be analysed frame by frame using the built in drawing tools. The software allows you to compare your pupil’s swing to your own swing or a selection of model squash swings from top professionals so that they can see where they are going right or wrong. The software also has a number of clever features including a flip tool making it easy to draw comparisons between left and right handers.

When you want to deliver a lesson simply push the “start lesson now” button. From that point on everything you say gets recorded and all annotations go on in real time over the top of the footage. When you are done with your lesson simply hit the “End lesson now”. The lesson is then ready to be delivered either by text message of email to your pupil as well as being stored in their online locker to which they can access from anywhere in the world at any time.

The V1 software can be used in a number of ways:

Instantly show your pupil what they are doing on court

  • Capture footage
  • Show them
  • Explain what is happening
  • See change

Recap your lesson

  • Perform you lesson.
  • Spend the last 3 minutes filming a recap of what you have focused on
  • Record a recap video explaining what you have focused on and send it to pupil.
  • Next time your pupil goes on court they remind themselves what they need to focus on.
  • See improvements much quicker and spend less time going over old ground.

Remote Lessons

  • Your pupil films themselves and sends you the footage.
  • You perform an analysis.
  • Send it back to them.


We see this software offering coaches the opportunity not only to provide a better service but also to generate more revenue. If a lesson is typically $75 (market specific) we see coaches having the opportunity to increase prices to $85 which includes a video follow up. Pupils will improve quicker and will have a visual record which they can refer back to and as such will be getting better value for money.

Typically if you buy the software license direct from V1 it costs $100 per month. We have done a deal where we can offer the software to squash coaches for $75 per month which includes a free membership to the Squashskills website which is typically $15.99 per month.


If a coach or club would like to use the software and is happy to promote the Squashskills website to their pupils/members then this license fee can be waived. We are offering a free license to anybody who signs up and maintains 10 members to the Squashskills website.

We are asking you guys on the ground in the clubs to help us spread the word about Squashskills. In return we will give you use of the software for free*.

We are very flexible here, if more players are signed up then we can offer more licenses, discounted memberships etc which can be discussed as and when.

We will also be running competitions with prizes such as Ipads, Exhibition matches with some of the best players in the world and sponsorship of courts/clubs/players for our affiliate partners to reward those who bring in the most memberships.

For more information about trying the software on a free 30 day trial please contact either

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.